Hi friend
It bothers me we aren’t close anymore
Ever since we went on that trip
And our personalities changed after that
I don’t have many of those
So when I lose one, I effectively lose
Most of my friends

It takes a long time to replace friends
Because I find it hard to make friends
So when I feel that you’re leaving me
It makes me sad
Because I can see
How big of a hole
You make in me
And how life moves on unwillingly

I had a dream last night
Where you were in it
It reminded me of that time
We were driving in the dark
And ran over a fallen street sign
And we freaked out
From the sharp metallic sound
Of a stop sign scraping against the underside
Of your dad’s old Ford Fusion
That he gave to you for graduation

There are trees falling in my world
One of which was special to us
Where we carved our names into the bark
Trying to live like a movie cliche
It didn’t etch clearly
But it wasn’t so much for the writing
As opposed to the thought that went in
Where we committed to be friends
On that cold September afternoon
For awhile
And I thought our friendship could last at least our twenties

But here we are
On the other side of things
It’s an April and I’m on a park bench in Brooklyn Heights
Waiting for people I don’t like
To eat food I don’t like
Just so I could feel something
To not feel lonely
To forget how important you were in my life
To remind me of how to live without you
But all I do is the opposite
And think about how special our times were

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