It is a Wednesday night
And I don’t have any plans this Friday night
And I feel so alone on Wednesday night
Hoping that you are home
Hoping that I could text you
And you would reply
But I wouldn’t know what to say if you did
Because too much time has passed since we were close
And we both moved onto the next part of our lives

A while ago, we used to do things together
And in those times
I always had something to do on Friday night
It didn’t really matter what I was doing
All I know I was doing it with you
And as long as I was doing something with you
Everything felt alright
But Fridays nights now give me anxiety
Because there isn’t always something to do
Because I don’t get to do things with you

It was so short but it seemed so long
Everything passed by slowly
I knew at the time that I wanted to remember us
And I cherished it because I knew it was short
Otherwise, most of life is dull
So much of life are dull moments that blend together
And I tend to forget about the dull part quickly
But things weren’t boring with you
Life with you with not boring because you were in it
And that made me feel less lonely

I wouldn’t say I was alive with you
Because that is a cliche in songs and movies
And I am not a person of cliches
But I am certainly dead without you
I feel dead, and I want to be dead
So how do I think about you without making it a cliche?
All I know is that I miss what we had
Wish I knew what it all meant in retrospect
All the hugs we had
One of them was the last
And I wish I would’ve remembered at least one

Now you blend into the background
With all the memories I shared with everyone else
And I am desperately trying to cling on
And not forget about the times we shared
But it’s so hard to remember
When so much time has passed
I wish we could relive some moments
To remind ourselves of those city lights
And look into each other’s eyes
And remember
There are only a couple moments that define our youth
And this was one of them

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