It’s been so long since we texted last
I have to scroll back so far to find our messages

We didn’t end on a good note
It wasn’t bad but
It gives me little hope that
There’s a future in which we can pick things back up

I listen to the same music as you
On occasion, I want to send you a song
Hoping that it wouldn’t be weird to let you know that some stuff
Reminds me of you still

I wish there was more clarity in how things left off
I wish we could just have one more
Honest conversation
Where we hashed out why we grew apart

I miss how we were able to do that
At one point
I find it sad that we don’t do that

You changed me so much
I hope I was able to change you too
But you also hurt me too
Or it’s just me hurting myself

It used to be so simple
Reaching out to someone was so easy
With you, I’m not sure it is that simple
I have thoughts you don’t know

I don’t know if returning to normality
Will mean that we will still hang out
Maybe what we have now normal
And what we had before was special

It’s so weird that we spent so little time together
It’s so concerning I don’t know if our time together
Was as meaningful to you
As it was for me

My friends aren’t as intense as I am
But you were with me, I think
I think we brought out that side in each other
Was it as rare for you as it was for me?

I don’t know
How other people feel
I don’t know if it is just me
Who finds it hard to connect with others

I don’t know if you felt that at all
I don’t know if you valued me as much as I valued you
We never talked about it
We stopped talking before we got there

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