I know we don’t talk anymore
But I still remember that weird summer we had
When we weren’t all that different
But everything was different in the end

Now I’m just surrounded by people I don’t really like
But I really liked you
What I thought we had together
It was something special before I knew how special it was

It seems without you I’m just annoyed
At everyone and everything around me
I thought I had become a better person
In reality, I’ve just become dependent on you

It’s so weird that something so long ago can have such a big impact
It’s been so long since I felt anything that strong
Now all I feel is longing for that past version of me
Buried in the past alongside what remained of us

I wish I knew how to live as grand as you
It seems my life since then was just an imitation of the time I spent with you
I think somewhere along the line a developed into a different person
It’s weird to think that we were once in the same chapter

I’m not really attached to this life
I’m not saying it’s meaningless
But it’s not exactly that glamourous
It seems only the times I spent with you were

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