This is my life
This is your life
You have your own life
I have my own life

It’s weird because I thought there was a chance
That I could take part in your cool life
You’re such a cool person
And while I’d like to think that I’m also cool
I don’t know if I would ever be as cool as you

I think you like spending time with me
I’m not sure if this is going to lead to anything
There is no mystery behind anything
It’s just a lot of expectation
I don’t know why you want me around
Is it because you think we have something?
Or is it because you just want me around?

After a couple of drinks, I thought we could talk about something else
I really wanted to feel close to you
But all you did was make me feel more alone than ever
You make me feel that I don’t feel close enough
I want to be closer to you
All I want to do is be closer to you
If I could have a part of your life
It would be enough, I think

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