It’s so sad that this is what I’m feeling
Night out in Midtown East
At some bar whose name I forgot
Who had drinks with spring in its name
After work on a day that I thought would rain
Thinking we had a connection when I
Got too ahead of myself

I should have been more realistic
I should have had less hopes
I thought we had a connection
When all we had was an attempt
To connect

I feel like we always come so close to achieving something
I’m not sure if my thoughts are moving too quickly
Or if you just don’t know what to think of me
I thought I had something with you
I thought that we could talk about things we didn’t tell others
On our walk back to the 3 train
At 1 AM
I thought our hug was special
Am I weird for thinking that?

I don’t think that my expectations were too much
But it seems that they were
All I wanted was to get close to you
But it seems that all I have is an arm’s length
The only place I could get close to you
Is an imagined world
Where you don’t live

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