It’s 2:39 AM in San Francisco on New Year’s Day
And I am left stranded in the Mission District
Because it is late
And there are not any Ubers left willing to pick me up
Even though I’ve been waiting for so long
So I had to control myself this evening
By drinking well within my limits
Taking a quarter instead of a half
And biking myself home
The responsible side of myself showing
To people I have never met before
Who I will never see again
Knowing this side of me not authentic to myself

I just met you this evening at this party
You introduced yourself with such a smile
And gave me a hug without knowing me
It was when you brought in 10 grams to share
And our hands touched when you handed it to me
I liked you so much in a way I shouldn’t
I hope you remember me the next day
When the alcohol and high has worn off
And all that’s left is just faint recollections of the other night
Parts that I cannot remember clearly
When we exchanged a few sentences
And I thought we could’ve been close
If there was a way we could meet again

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