I’m thinking of you on a flight from Reykjavik
Thinking of that Audre Lorde quote you really like
I’m thinking all of your friends I met that summer
Thinking how you introduced me with such a smile

I was sitting down at a concert when I saw you yesterday
I know you didn’t see me back
You were with your friends, and I was with mine
And the music seemed fall apart as you danced

It hurt me to see you happy like that
I was happy too until I saw you
You remind me that I was happier with you
And everything since has not been as bright

We’re like two parallel lines who intersected once
Never to touch again
You made an impact on my life
Though I’m not sure I made one on yours

It’s sad the longer our lives go on
The less likely we will be friends again
I desperately want to hold onto the closeness we shared last fall
But it is hard to save what I never had

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