Maybe I need to get my heart broken again
To get back in the way things were
When the world seemed so beautifully hopeless
When the desire to do anything felt so powerfully slow

I miss the days when the thoughts came out easier
When I didn’t have to think as much as to what I should say
When I didn’t have to wonder what is it I represent
When my aesthetic preceded my identity

Part of me is bitter that you ignored my texts
After that one night I walked you home from Prospect Park
I thought we had an intense moment together
But it turned out my feelings lied to me again

You and I are like doing and dying
So driven to follow in the shadow of an orbit
Where falling behind would be the same as death
It is not this life we chose to live out by ourselves

All these night I lied awake
Hoping that someone could finally hold me
Wondering how long I would have to live this life
Wishing that my life could be taken away

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