I found your skeletal hand across my shoulder
Thought you wanted to finally hold me after all this time
But you just reached for an old pack
Of red Marlboro cigarettes
On the nightstand next to
The bottle of red wine we finished last night

You took one without asking for permission
Asked me for a lighter when you didn’t have one
Found one under my purple lava lamp
Found your way to the windowsill
Looking wistfully at the street below
From this living room I thought I lived in

All I want is for you to look at me and see me
Maybe feel this connection like I do
I don’t know why you ended up here
Why I continue to make room for you
As it would mean something someday
When things would be different

I wonder if you thought of me on the train here
If you were thinking of anything at all
Everything is moving so fast
Or not moving at all
I just wanted to mean something to someone
I hoped that person would be you

I wish I knew what you think of me
If I mean anything at all to you
If I was just somebody you saw
Whenever you were bored
I wish I could be seen with you
I wish I lived in the same world as you

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