Sadist tendencies never led to anywhere
Yet human tendencies are not those meant to share

The distance between two points is increasing
Like the expansion of the universe, they will not meet

I question why I wanted this past occasion
The one filled with nothing but brash abrasion

This is a life that is so familiar to me
But the life I have now is what is good for me

Weather the acid rain, like falling droplets of death
I take it in and breathe it in, hoping to be unaffected

I have been skirting around the miasma for so long
I know I would have to breath it in eventually

It is only once I have accepted this air can I live in it
Before I do, I’m just holding in my breath

Like in a swimming pool, I can sink to the bottom
In fear of the air, the water never felt so comfortable

Before long, I will rise to the surface
I hope I will accept the air when I do

When individuals stay too long at the bottom
They start to forget the light of the sun

A couple feet down in the ocean is all it takes
For sunlight to abandon what it cannot see

I wish I could rise up from the bottom
I know I can, I’m just waiting for the moment

Yet, I wonder if this moment will ever come
I’m starting to believe that it does not exist

What does that mean for me? I cannot wait for the sun
Perhaps it’s not the moment but the act of waiting I seek

I wait for the air to pass, but until then I breathe water
Until one day, I realize the air has become less toxic

I come out of the water to this liberated air, only to discover
I can breathe both air and water