It is the 21st of September, and I think back to the life that I lived and
the life that I lost.

It seems so long ago, when the wind wisped past my hair
dragging it to the Earth, where it was swallowed by the dirt.

I only remember that night for its ugly concrete, where
my face hit the pavement so hard, blood trickled from my eyes.

It took me a while to see again, and remember — this is the world
in which I belong.

It seems when I lost consciousness, I thought I died,
but I returned, brighter than ever before, like a star does
before it dies.

I saw the spaces between space and wondered
where I fit in.

Did I fit in the crack of glass?

Did I fall into the crackling of fire?

Or was it the crack of a whip,
as if I was only there to cause pain unto others.