Early in the morning, when the beans fall onto the ground, the monsters come out to play
I ask myself, to what end, is the salty taste in the mouth the result of exposure to the outside
I reflect back to pivotal times in my life — the times I didn’t realize was pivotal — and cry
There is only one moment that matters, which is now, but that is so hard for me to accept

I give reality to life in the past and life in the future, the moments that should not still exist
It is in the nature of things along with the growth of man: the tendency for me to create
Simple sorrows yield not to an uncaring reality; complex sorrows fall into bottomless pits
Benchmarked against my life is a hook that keeps me chasing, when stoppage equals pain

The choice to rest never came to easily; I could sit down on my feet and never get back up
It is an appropriate moment to stop: when the world moves around me, some areas do not
My feet drag onto the concrete floor, and the ripping scrapes of my nails never felt so right
Sometimes, some skin would drape onto the floor, but why would I need skin on my driveway