Relinquished identity
Fathomable heart
And what?
Ripped apart from the inside
Intestines churning with acid dripped from stomach woes
It doesn’t make sense — not of it
Not the cheery eyes plundered from screaming village fires
Drawn apart from unknowing desperate cries
It all makes sense of painting, of art
Knowing it all leads into reductive gaze

Silenced understanding yearning for dispassionate apologies
Harkened breath fallen unto rusty metal crests
Filled to the brim of the lung
Pneumonic ashes festering in unkempt bodily stasis
How it could have been different if one knew of truth

I found meaning in a rotten tomato salad
Spilled on the ground, seeped into pristine tile flooring
Green granite, dyed from high mountain corridors
Jettisoned through the sky and plopped at my feet
Smashed not once but twice with daring force
Cracking open the ground to see
What’s underneath
Below our humpered bodies
A sad earthworm tramped below our feet

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