Coral branches spilling from a tree
My autonomous nervous system
Belong together
In absence of flesh
Dwindling silence of soulless nights
Winter leaves drip down onto the ground
Finding itself
Lost within the echoing snow
Melded and imprisoned into the Earth
Gripped onto a unrelenting trunk
So husky
So inert
Wretched axes have a intriguing power
To destroy that which cannot change
The hefty metal husk
Dulled but unrelenting
Its immovable nature
That which cannot change cannot change
That which cannot change changes

Change comes in effect and affect
Two forces in opposition and directivity
Collusion of selfless identity
Bark peeling from a tree
Do trees feel pain
When axes bring down life
Fire bring down collective existence
Do trees wish they did not exist
Ripped apart from the inside
When filled interior cracked open
When hollowness is brought in
Where hollowness did not exist before
It whines when the wind batters
It hollers when the branches snap apart
All that is left in the end is ruthless
A present
Something that is there now
Something that wasn’t there before
Relinquished passivity

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