In the morning, I have to study
Some parts in life don’t change
Not that I want them to
It is a certainty that comforts me
Relieves me
Of those parts that did not happen in the way
I wished

Constant source of stress
Constant source of comfort
Constant source of ambiguity
Constant source of stress
Constant source of comfort
Where gratitude comes and goes
I find myself once again on a desert plain
Grasping for water when I am full
Because I anticipate that future date
When water is scarce
And my throat dies up in the sandy winds

I collect my surroundings
My iPad, and some back envelope calculations
These are things I have
I have things I did not have before
Where do these things come
Where do these things go
They are of this time in my life
This time of my life is here

I remember at this point last year
Things were for the most part settled
The tempest disintegrated into nothing
I was left with the remnants of a flooded house
And I thought that would be the
Last storm
For some time
But there is a storm to come
There always is
We have to prepare for this storm

I wonder if there ever will come a time
When there will be no more storms to come
No desert winds striking at my feet
Just the wisp of sunlight
Gently tapping the ground
Where I could pick it up
I wonder if that day will come