Respectable visible tangible invisible
Disgusting flies that buzz around the sky
I held my hand out with honey dripping down
Wishing they would land to their demise

I found affection to have little lost
Draped over some water a little high
Whenever I think about the life that passed
I think about the turning point of do and die

I never treat coffee shops like I once before
The quaint vibes seems more toxic than dull
I find the acidity to be less appetizing
It seems so long ago coffee tasted good

I tripped over the sidewalk on my way over
I scraped my hands against the brick wall
At first there was a sensation of warmness
I realized it came from bacterial infection

The home that exists is not the one I had
The story that was written is not told then
I held the book of worries in my humbled hands
Teared page by page, thrown into muddied waters

I dip my feet into the puddle of sorrows
I sprinkle honey into a pool of tea
I bathe in hot waters meant for drinking
I consume myself in the mud of offspring