Sizzling skin in the air
Burnt coffee ashes dusted into the ground
An ant comes up to claim its prize
Only to discover my bitterness inside

Frantic summer battles winter’s haze
Recall rocky rivers against rippling waters
It is a story like an apricot
From an old crock pot
I eat it up like butter

I recall the lunch I had at Renata’s
It seemed so long ago
It was also a misty day
Full of stillness and wonder
Tripping over the rails at Pine

Plucked a weed on my walk over
Threw it against the concrete road
The trees overhang look down on me
I have sacrificed one of its kind

I’ve been feeling so hollow lately
So bloated, like a peach without an inside
I flub around my childhood home
As a worm does on a rainy day
Before death