I smiled at the world in tarantellic wonders
Eyes sinister, bleary from wispy willows
Tonight is the night we can die together
Finishing the story wretched widows told

What glory is there in a lonely death?
Frantic moonlight draped over the flesh
Filthy flies that crawl up in toe crevices
Squashed under my feet in snowy pity

Caring is an emotion reserved for others
The world beyond is so unknown to deeds
Sunset follows the day hampered past
What are days gone past in tomorrow?

Watermelon rinds thrown onto the ground
Bugs festering at the signal of vitality
What is once a discarded relic to me
When others could benefit from it all?

Cars move fast when clouds move slow
The touch of rain never felt so echoed
The color of water is the same as blood
Melted chocolate turns black in the dark

Metallic whispers grinded against facial flesh
A soft touch writhered in carnivorous germs
Voracious swallow through a landfilled ocean
Bleeding softly back into the unknown depths