Dear Lana,

I’ve been thinking lately about how we all have difference tolerances towards spending money. When I was younger, I was super averse to spending money. It was something that was drilled into me because my parents value frugality.

Today, I spent $35 on granola bars with Amazon Fresh. It was the first time I utilized this service, and it was a bit shocking that this service even exists. It almost seems too convenient. More and more, it seems that I don’t even need to leave my house to function in society. The markups on Amazon weren’t that significant. If I could get one grocery delivery per week of all of my groceries, I would never need to leave my house. I already work from home, and I am no longer constrained with the need to get food at the grocery.

Technology has an interesting place in making our lives so much easier. Technology also makes living life a lot cheaper, which leaves a lot of space to spend money on other things.

Lana, I’ve been thinking about traveling a lot lately. Obviously, I can’t right now, but I still want to live somewhere far away. I’ve been in Philadelphia for too long. Even New York seems pretty boring after a summer. I can’t wait to move from one place to another, before I inevitably settle down in some modernist house in Long Island. If I wanted to spend my twenties in my parents house, I would have decided to be a freelance website developer. But, since I am not a freelance website developer, the world will have to wait.