Longing is a lot like reaching out into the ocean
Hoping that the current will take you somewhere
You are exposed to the infinite of possibility beyond
But you step back onshore after reaching so far beyond
You are only left with whatever seawater grips your skin

But after you find yourself carried by the ocean
The same shores beneath your feet seem beneath you
How could you stay contented and grounded on sand
When there is a world where you could be weightless?

As the waves crash back on your feet, it still calls
As I move back into my suburban home, I often forget
There is still the ocean at the end of the road past the intersection
Where I hope to lay down at my final rest, sinking into the depths

I often forget there are sharks lurking the depths
For the most part, they mind their own business
As you dive deep down, they cannot be bothered
But how can we swim among these sharks
Without the desire to grab onto their sandy skin?

Before long the sharks stir, they take a bite out of you
You are left wondering if it was worth it at all
Was it worth a touch of roughness, if it meant reaching for the beyond?
Was it worth fight for, a life that is more than floating around?

I am often left confronted with this question, wondering if I want a floating life?
It is so easy to live a floating life
It is so easy not to reach for the sharks, trying to tame it, understand it
It is so easy to live a life far from everything else

I could return to the open ocean, in one of those territories free from sharks
There would be no chance of contact, no chance of biting
Yet the allure of the sharks still remains
What about the skin of sand is so enticing to feel
The rough edges that bleed the finger, what about it feels so right?

I return to my life absent of others
Wondering when the day comes when the open oceans return
Will I venture off into the distant, like I didn’t in the past?