Incredulous whips crackling in the fire
Rinse and writher my crumbling bones
Thrilled eyes of novelous wonderment
Intense uncertainty at larcenous lies
Rippled emotions reminded presently
Fastidious horrors tipped soft palates
Fascinating specimen I found on the ground
Another living song to replicate in time
Souls stolen from another sad country
Flesh woven into another sad puppet
Skinned sheep’s face hanging on the wall
Words spoken softly are those taking the fall

Parallel stories leads only to regretful lingers
Hateful spree between two alleged friends
One set the house in a frivolous expansive fire
To escape a burning house is fraught with woes
Ridiculous quotations resemble pretentious pricks
Sentences spoken as truth where lies take hold
Unknowing ignorance create unfound emotions
Manipulative words find celibate deficiencies
I take what is mind and leave with what is not
I relinquish prarie farms with their burning muck
Strangers carry wary from hellish gasoline caverns
Strike a match and drop it into Satan’s moral hazard

Dampened lips lead to dry bloody clothes
Terrorized moment questioning if it happen at all
Lizard skin draped over globular toxic organs
The warm inner organs never tasted so crusty
The venomous past resurfaces to present interest
Curious feral creatures picking at deaf ears
Hydrochloric acid dripped onto confused fingers
Irritated rash that can only be burned off with fear
Taking in the last breathes of somber air
Holding in disgusting human inquisition
I found the source of negativity in the tepid air
Where the sum of wonderment is final despair