I am rarely exposed to as many individuals who come into and fade out of existence as I am during my experiences as a tourist. Especially in those locations that are frequented by tourists like me, the sheer volume of individuals can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially among individuals who I know nothing about, I cannot help but wonder about the complexities of their lives. Within as egotistical a conception of the world that I have, how is it that there exists an infinite amount of individuals who have lived, are living, and will lives just equally as complex of a life as mine?

At La Sagrada Familia, which attracts tourists like me because it is the tallest church in the world, I felt the feeling of humbleness. Of realizing that even though I am the most important part of my life, the universe is completely indifferent to my existence. I am reminded at La Sagrada Familia that regardless of if I live or die, it does not matter in the grand scheme of things. I find such thoughts liberating; at such moments, I am letting go of my conception of my self and sensing the true state of the world without the pollution of my own thoughts. The world is indifferent towards me. The beautiful world is beautifully indifferent. So much indifference, so much beauty.