The dark roast costs two dollars exactly.

Located around Independence Hall, I took Septa Route 44 to 5th Street before skating a short distance small enclosure where “chill vibes” supposedly exist. I had forgotten to pull the string for my stop, but I ended up without needing to because it was the last stop. The Delaware River could be seen in the distance. A couple other coffee shops seemed to exist around the area as well.

The most scenic area of the shop with the most intense natural light and the most complex furniture could be seen immediately on the left-hand side. Being near the entrance, it is also the most crowded area of the entire shop. I walked in deeper within the room towards the area with less natural light in an attempt to find a table to myself.

Across from me sat a law student. I asked her for the WIFI password, but she said that she was using her Xfinity subscription because the WIFI was slow. It seemed that most people here were working on something on their computers. Conversations did not seem to percolate from any source; instead, the irregular patterns of typing seem to dominate the soundscape.

I sluggishly pulled out The Schuman Plan: A Study in Economic Cooperation, 1950–1959 by William Diebold out of my backpack before taking a long sip from my white ceramic cup.